Yes! with Katty Liz you can have live music and Djing too!, isn’t this cool?

Covering the music and entertainment of your entire Wedding, from the beginning until the last tune. Starting with your ceremony with some lovely live acoustic music, then canapés moving on towards the reception as a Soloist or perhaps a Duo live music performance. Afterwards turning into DJing to get the dance floor pumping – DJ LIVE mixing!

Hot tip: Check out Katty’s Insta Highlights @kattylizmusic for a sneak peak!


Perfect and adaptable to all kinds of events such as birthday parties, corporate events and more.

Starting with an acoustic live music performance for the first part of your event to then turn into a Dj bringing the vibe up! – All in one Performer.


It’s not easy to find a pleasant and soft vocal/guitar sound that your guest will feel delighted to listen. Katty Liz is all that and more! Add a sweet, pleasant and perfect atmosphere to your special day or event, Katty Liz’s solo performance with smooth singing, guitar & her loop pedal will captivate each one of your guests.   


We love this option! If you would like to have one of the best harmonies duo in Melbourne, including two strong professional singers accompanied with guitar (loop pedal), with a deep sound and band vibes, plus a wider song list, this is a perfect option for you.

Each one of Katty’s duo partners has a unique style that matches in a special way with hers creating a unique sound.


Get a Dj that will cater and care for your event.

Katty really cares about making your event memorable, as well as finding the right tunes for your guests, Katty accepts on-the-spot song requests. While also mixing live (yep, no premixed tracks!) throughout the dance floor part of your event, she will dance the night away alongside your guests.

She also loves creating an appropriate and cool atmosphere for guests at each different event while background DJing.

Katty also loves working together with clients listening to requests and creating a song list.



Singer and Guitar | Katty Liz singing and playing soft guitar.

Singer’s Equipment | Microphone, Guitar, Ipad, Mic, Ipad Stand, Mic Stand, Leads and lots of more gear.

Appropriate attire for occasion | Appropriate dress code, hair and makeup.

Phone call meeting | Complimentary phone call meeting. We’ll go through the itinerary, music sets, event style, announcements, song requirements and more details. *Only for Wedding Bookings

Special song requests | Would you like me to sing a special song? name it! *Minimum 5 weeks notice, every package has a maximum of song requests and the tunes have to be approved by Katty.